Donate Materials and Deconstruction

Donate your building or home improvement materials to a good cause.

Call Kari at (413) 788-6900 to discuss your donation or click here to fill in our Materials Donation Form, below!

Are usable items being removed from your remodeling or construction project?

Are you planning a deconstruction and are looking for a green way to dispose of building materials?

Do you have overstock, excess inventory, slightly damaged or discontinued products?

Is your garage or workshop overflowing with building materials that you can’t use, but know are too good to throw away?

Donate your materials to EcoBuilding Bargains! We serve all of New England including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, and Southern Vermont.

By donating, you can save useful materials from the landfill and help make home improvement more affordable for more people.

Donating can also help you:

  • Save money on disposal costs
  • Get a tax deduction
  • Free up storage space

As an added benefit, our contractors and other commercial donors notice that by working with EcoBuilding Bargains, they can better attract customers who care about the local community and environment.

Click here for more information about recycling construction and demolition materials.

Please remember…

EcoBuilding Bargains accepts building materials in good to excellent condition only (please take a look at the Materials We Accept). Please call (413) 788-6900 before bringing potential donations to us so we can make sure we can use them.

Since there is no substitute for actually seeing an item, we may refuse items that we determine we can’t use. If we refuse one of your items, please don’t take it personally! By now we know which items are needed, and we can’t afford to accept other items that we’ll need to throw away.

Try our convenient pick-up service

    • We can come to your home, job site or business to pick up larger volumes of materials.
    • Pick-ups are available Tuesday through Friday. Two weeks notice is needed for scheduling purposes.
    • Call to schedule an appointment or use our online donation form.
    • All materials must be located outside or in the garage for pick up.
    • Please make sure all materials are protected from the weather.

We can also help you organize a deconstruction project:

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