Modern Glenwood 508 E Vintage Stove – Sold!!!

Vintage ranges have occasionally been referred to as “America’s first home appliance”, which made cooking and heating tremendously smoother for american families. This Modern Glenwood 508E is an absolute beauty, and in beautiful condition. Made by Weir Stove Company in Taunton, MA, this antique 6-burner range features a 19″W x 12″H baking oven, a 7″W x 14″D x 12″H woodbox, along with cast iron and nickel plated shelves. Oven includes one decorative baking rack, while entire piece is highlighted by subtle cast iron crafted details. Already refurbished, this stove can function well “off the grid” for cooking and heating.

Size: 51″W x 30″D x 52″H

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Price: $1750