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Create a Unique Event Space like Iconica Social Club Using Reclaimed Materials from EcoBuilding Bargains

Create a Unique Event Space like Iconica Social Club Using Reclaimed Materials from EcoBuilding Bargains

Using reclaimed materials from EcoBuilding Bargains, one small business created the event space of their dreams. Small businesses can use reclaimed materials from EcoBuilding Bargains to create unique and memorable spaces. 

 A couple stand at a coffee bar made with reclaimed materials

What is Iconica Social Club? 

When owners Em and Fitzpatrick Withenbury set out to create a new coffee and juice bar, event space, and art gallery in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts, they knew that they needed their space to reflect the uniqueness of their business. Valuing sustainability and their budget, it was a no-brainer to reuse materials. Using salvaged construction materials and secondhand items, they were able to create a kitchen and event space that is functional, full of character, and great for the environment. Some of Iconica’s reclaimed (or, as they like to call it, “remixed”) creations include shelving made from salvaged lumber, a refurbished commercial sink with storage, bookshelf tags made from old hardware, and flexible art gallery lighting made with secondhand lights, just to name a few. Watch our highlight video about Iconica Social Club to hear more of their amazing story.

"Shopping at a reuse place was very interesting to us and appealing not only because we could find more interesting, unique items but also because the prices fit within our budget.”  

Fitzpatrick Withenbury 

A set of shelves made from reclaimed lumber

How Can You Used Reclaimed Materials For Your Event Spaces?

Any business can follow in Iconica Social Club’s lead to create beautiful, functional, and memorable event spaces and experiences with reclaimed materials. Secondhand and salvaged materials in good condition are affordable and sustainable options for business owners. With a little creativity, the possibilities for what you can create are endless! See our other blog posts for instructions on how to make a DIY corkboard and sink or tub planter. Additionally, most reuse stores such as EcoBuilding Bargains will have plenty of secondhand appliances available in great condition. Secondhand appliances are an affordable and unique option for small businesses to use in the kitchen or bathroom.  

The exterior of Iconica Social Club

Where Can You Find Affordable Reclaimed Materials?

EcoBuilding Bargains is the largest reclaimed materials store in New England, and has over a decade of experience providing high-quality secondhand construction materials, furniture, appliances, and more to customers throughout the country. Shop in-store in Springfield, Massachusetts or visit us online. Our store is open seven days a week and ships nationwide. Our knowledgeable store staff will help you find the perfect items for your project.   


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