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Create Unique Wall Art With Reclaimed Materials from EcoBuilding Bargains

Create Unique Wall Art With Reclaimed Materials from EcoBuilding Bargains

Want to create unique wall art for your space and save the planet at the same time, without breaking the bank? Use reclaimed materials from EcoBuilding Bargains! 


 A wall installation made from corrugated metal and wood

Wall art inspiration: Cabot Pub II

Although the business has since closed, the team behind Cabot Pub II in Chicopee, Massachusetts used reclaimed materials from EcoBuilding Bargains to create unique wall art for their restaurant. Using reclaimed wood and scrap metal, Cabot Pub II created interesting art pieces that they built and installed on the walls of their business. While some of the pieces were large-scale, using sheet metal and reclaimed lumber to fill an entire wall, others were smaller and less labor intensive. A smaller wall hanging was made from cut 1x4s glued together and stained different shades. All in all, Cabot Pub II's creativity with reclaimed materials created an industrial design for their bar for an affordable price. Check out our video on Cabot Pub II for more inspiration.  

"[EcoBuilding Bargains] is the best place to get the best deals for all your materials!”  

Cassandra Doty 

Two wall hangings, one made from wood and one made from scrap metal

What reclaimed materials are good for wall art? 

Almost any reclaimed material can be incorporated into wall art. Following in Cabot Pub II’s footsteps, you could use reclaimed metal or lumber to build unique and sustainable pieces.  Reclaimed hardware, especially vintage hardware, also makes for a great addition to a project. Alternatively, many reuse stores like EcoBuilding Bargains also sells conversation-starting items that would be fantastic to hang up on their own. This life preserver labelled Queen Mary II would be the perfect addition to a nautical-themed room. Or, display these antique baseball bats in a sports-centered area. Shop our collection of unique items here. The sky’s the limit when it comes to making art from reuse store finds. 

The floor at EcoBuilding Bargains

Where Can You Find Affordable Reclaimed Materials? 

EcoBuilding Bargains is the largest reclaimed materials store in New England, and has over a decade of experience providing high-quality secondhand construction materials, furniture, appliances, and more to customers throughout the country. Shop in-store in Springfield, Massachusetts or visit us online. Our store is open seven days a week and ships nationwide. Our knowledgeable store staff will help you find the perfect items for your project.   



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