DeconstructionWhy use demolition when you can give your building materials new life? We work with contractors who will carefully take apart your house and save the valuable construction materials so they won’t go to waste. And we’ll make sure it goes to someone who needs it.

So, if it’s too good to throw away, now you don’t have to. Whether you need pre-remodeling demolition or are taking an entire house down to the foundation, you can feel good about working with us.

Call us today at (413) 788-6900 to discuss your project. We partner with contractors throughout the Northeast.

Why Deconstruction?


Deconstruction Project in Chatham

  • Deconstruction is “green demolition.” We will recover everything that is reusable and recyclable, saving tons from the landfill.
  • You can feel good about helping your neighbors. You’ll make home improvement possible for them because they can use our affordable materials.
  • Your charitable donation of materials is tax deductible. Many people find that the donation of the materials from their house is the biggest charitable donation of their lifetime.
  • We’ll meet all of your contractor’s needs. Contractors love working with us – let us meet with you and your contractor to talk about how it all works.
  • You loved your house and have lots of memories there – now others can share in that too. You can feel good that the parts of your house will “live on” in others’ homes.
  • You can count on our team to be on time, clean, courteous, and easy to work with. Ask us for references!
  • EcoBuilding Bargains helps create the “green collar” jobs you’ve been hearing about – right here in your community!



  • Deconstruction is a great sales tool and can be offered as an extra benefit to your customers.
  • You can feel confident knowing that our reliable team will work professionally with your customers and will always be courteous, clean and on time.
  • You can join the Green Building trend by recovering materials for reuse.
  • Partnering with us for demo work will free up your skilled people for other important jobs.
  • Our experienced staff will leave you with a well prepared job site.