(last updated May 2018)

Materials must be unbroken, cleaned, with no peeling or chipped paint, rust or dents. All materials are subject to manager discretion.

To donate building materials, please call (413) 788-6900 or use our materials donation form on our website. If you have something to donate that isn’t on this list, please call the store and our staff will be happy to help you!


From the

Sinks & faucets
Working appliances (less than five years old)
Not Accepted:
Faucets older than 1996 (due to lead)
Cabinets that are falling apart or missing hinges
Cabinets that have signs of mold, rot or excessive rust if metal
Appliances older than 7 years (all appliances are contingent on condition regardless of age)
Appliances that are known to not be in working order or in one piece
Housewares, small kitchen appliances
Countertop microwaves older than 3 years
 Kitchen Island Donation


From the Bathroom:

Sinks & faucets
Tubs (fiberglass or claw-foot only)
Showers & enclosures
Low-flow toilets only (1.6 gallons per flush)
Not Accepted:
Faucets older than 1996 (due to lead)
Cracked sinks
Used shower doors of any kind
Hi-flow toilets of any kind
Toilets that are missing pieces (tank, base, lid)
Clawfoot Tub Donations



Vinyl & wood
Only double-paned, complete with frame
Storm windows – complete white triple track only
Not Accepted:
Single-pane windows (unless architecturally detailed)
Windows with broken or cracked panes – or broken seals (moisture between panes)
Wood frame windows (unless architecturally detailed)
Donated Windows


Some Furniture:

All furniture is based on the discretion of management

Kitchen or dining room sets and chairs

Not Accepted:
Bedroom furniture sets, nor any bed-related materials: frames, headboards, mattresses, box springs, bed linens, wardrobes, nightstands, California Closets, etc.
Outdated furniture that is not vintage or antique (manager discretion)
Laminate Furniture
Computer desks or chairs
Upholstered furniture: unless brand new or very lightly used
Entertainment systems
Vases, wall art, baskets, small household décor etc.
Bench Donation



Interior or exterior (hollow-core or solid)
Bi-fold doors, French doors
Painted doors
Only insulated metal doors w/ tracks
Storm & sliding doors complete with frame
Accessories (locks & hinges, etc)
Not Accepted:
Commercial doors
Wood garage doors
Door donations



New ceramic/vinyl tiles
Not Accepted:
Used carpet or rugs
Used tile or laminate flooring
Vinyl and linoleum manufactured before 1980 (contains asbestos)
No 8×8 linoleum tiles (full of asbestos)
Oak Flooring Donation


Building Materials:

Lumber/molding – minimum 6′ lengths, must be denailed
Plywood – full sheets
Sheetrock – full sheets
Rigid foam – full sheets only
Bricks & cement blocks
Not Accepted:
Pressure treated lumber pre-2005 (with green tinge – contains CCA)
Wood, trim, molding with nails or screws
Scrap wood, trim, molding: less than 6’ for molding, trim and dimensional lumber
Plywood & sheetrock must be at least a half sheet 4×4
Wooden garage doors
Commercial doors
Misc. boxes, bags, cans, buckets of random hardware
Insulation that may have rodents or rodent evidence
Insulation that has mold
Insulation board must be at least 4×8 or larger
No chemical forms of insulation, like foam spray
Ladders, scaffolding
Power tools must be in working order with power cords
MDF Board Donation


Electrical & Lighting:

Light fixtures
Electrical equipment & hardware
Stand-alone lamps
Not Accepted:
Recessed lights/high hats, recessed commercial lighting
Electronics: TVs, radios, stereos, DVD players, VCRs, etc.
Incandescent light bulbs of any kind
No fluorescent lamps or fixtures
Non-functioning fixtures
Ceiling fans
Donated Chandeliers


Everything Else:

Not Accepted:
Broken, damaged, or incomplete material
All paint, stains, or varnishes, any chemicals
Musical instruments
Theatrical set materials (flats, jacks, etc.)
Any commercial items
Hazardous materials
Recreational equipment, exercise equipment, sports equipment
Window blinds and shades
Unassembled items unless brand new in packaging with manual
Broken or dirty materials
Automotive materials
Toys unless vintage or antique (managers discretion)