Just The FAQs

Is this the old ReStore?2019-05-31T08:43:27-04:00

Yes, our former location established in 2001 was on Gasoline Alley and our name was the ReStore. In 2012 we  moved to our current,  much larger location right off of Armory Street  – not far from our old location – and we changed our name to EcoBuilding Bargains.

When are you open?2019-05-31T08:43:33-04:00

We’re open from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Monday  through Saturday and 11: 00 a.m – 5:00 p.m Sunday.  We extend our hours during the summer months Monday through Saturday until 6:00 p.m.

What areas do you serve?2020-02-19T14:50:48-05:00

Our store is located in Springfield, Mass. but we help with deconstruction projects all over New England. Our customers come from Boston and its suburbs as well as from Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and even as far away as Maine and New Hampshire.

You can shop from anywhere by visiting our eBay store.

Do you only sell used building materials?2019-05-31T08:43:45-04:00

The majority of what we sell is donated, used building materials.  However, we do receive brand new donated materials from wholesale or retail outlets, craftsmen who make custom home furnishings and homeowners.  We also sell energy efficient lighting supplies, new paint made from recycled paint (and painting supplies) and other items for your everyday “green” needs.

If I see something I like on the website will you hold it for me?2019-05-31T08:43:56-04:00

Although we cannot hold items for buyers, you can purchase items you see on the website by paying for them with your credit card. We recommend that if you have a specific item in mind, you call before you visit as our inventory changes constantly. Of course, there are always cool things in the store that might not have made it to the website, so it’s always worth a visit.

Can I bring you some stuff?2019-05-31T08:44:01-04:00

Absolutely!  Just make sure you bring items we accept.  Our Materials Donation Guidelines will you give a good idea of what we typically accept.  If you’re unsure about something, it’s best to call ahead and speak with on our staff to ensure we will accept it. Pictures are appreciated.

Do you purchase used building materials?2019-05-31T08:44:11-04:00

All of the used materials at the store are donated by homeowners, contractors and institutions.  We’ll give you a receipt so that you can claim the materials on your taxes as a charitable donation.

Who owns and operates EcoBuilding Bargains?2019-05-31T08:44:17-04:00

EcoBuilding Bargains is an enterprise of the Center for EcoTechnology, a non-profit (501c3) community-based environmental organization, started in 1976, with offices in Northampton and Pittsfield.

Where does the money from sales of materials go?2019-05-31T08:44:30-04:00

All proceeds from EcoBuilding Bargains help cover the costs associated with its operation: rent, heating, electricity, staff salaries, supplies, telephone, etc.  EcoBuilding Bargains has also received grants from private foundations and government sources to help cover costs during the first few years of operations.  Any surplus funds must be reinvested in EcoBuilding Bargains or other Center for EcoTechnology programs that benefit our community.

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