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Where to Find an AGA Stove

Where to Find an AGA Stove

Where to Find an AGA Stove In Springfield, MA.

Are you curious about where to find an AGA stove in Sprinfield, MA? Read on to find out how to add a little piece of domestic and culinary history to your home.   

What is an AGA Stove? 

A black AGA stove

AGA cookers were invented one hundred years ago in Sweden by famous physicist Gustaf Dalén. The AGA cooker revolutionized cooking by using heat storage to create a stove that could handle two hot plates and two ovens using one heat source and one device. Prior to the invention, each of these tasks would require different equipment and their own sources of heat. Furthermore, the stove often served as a source of heat for the home. Because of its convenience and quality, love for the AGA stove quickly spread outside of Sweden. Today, all AGA stoves are made in England, where they became a popular fixture of British country homes.  While, historically, they never caught on in the United States as much as they did in the United Kingdom, AGA sales in the United States have been growing in popularity. 


"Seeing a light pink AGA range nestled in a spacious kitchen is enough to make any cook or interior designer swoon and was in fact featured in a BBC 20th century design retrospective as one of the top three design icons...” 

Chris Shott for Food Republic, “Will America Go Gaga For AGA? The Fancy British Stove Is Poised For A U.S. Breakthrough” 


Why Buy an AGA Stove 

Side view of a black AGA stove

There’s a reason why AGA stoves are synonymous with quality and tradition: AGA stoves are durable, versatile, and classic. While they do use up a lot of energy, they also provide a heat source for your home and dehumidify the room. Long gone are the 1920s, when AGA ranges were powered by coal. Modern AGA ranges are easily hooked up to gas lines and the company has even come out with an electric version. Choosing an AGA stove for your home is perfect if you love vintage-inspired home design. Plus, it offers you a chance to level up your culinary skills and impress your dinner guests.  

Where to Find an AGA Stove  

Close up view of a black AGA stove

Think it will be hard to find a vintage gem like an AGA stove? Think again! Visit EcoBuilding Bargains to find a secondhand AGA stove. Choosing secondhand appliances are a great way to reduce waste, save money, and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Visit us in store in Springfield, Massachusetts or shop online at EcoBuilding Bargains. 

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