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Which Door is Right For You?

Which Door is Right For You?

If you are renovating your space or starting a DIY project, you might be thinking about the right door for your home. With so many different doors to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which type of door is right for you. Keep reading to learn about the different types of interior and exterior doors and decide which one is best for your project. See all the types of doors you can buy at EcoBuilding Bargains.

Types of Doors


Front Entry Doors

A red front door

A front entry door is the front door to your home. A high-quality front entry door is designed to withstand heat, cold, and bad weather. It’s usually the focal point of the front of your home, so it’s important to choose one that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, front entry doors come in many different styles and materials, so you can find the perfect door for your project. Common materials for front entry doors include wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.  

Double Prehung Doors

A black set of double doors

A double prehung door is a double door manufactured with the hinges, door jambs, and header already installed. Because prehung doors already come with these elements, they are easy to install and weathertight. A double prehung door is a great choice for you if your space does not have existing door frames.  

Slab Doors

Three brown slab doors

In contrast to prehung doors, slab doors do not have the hinges or frames installed yet. Because slab doors are just the door, they are often more affordable than the prehung option. Additionally, slab doors are a good choice if you want to customize your doors based on your space. Proper and professional installation is very important for slab doors, especially if they are exterior doors.  

Fire Rated Doors

A red fire door against a white wall

Between 2015 and 2019, firefighters in the United States responded to an average of over 340,000 home structure fires every year. Fire rated doors slow the spread of fire through a space. They are not completely fireproof, but are designed to resist combustion for a certain amount of time (usually between 20 minutes and an hour and a half). While fire rated doors are most commonly installed in public buildings, they are growing in popuarity for residential buildings, as well. Regardless of what kind of door you pick for your project, make sure to close your doors in order to prevent a fire from spreading.  

Bulkhead Door 

A bulkhead door leading to a cellar

A bulkhead door is used for the exterior entrance to a basement or cellar. These are unique doors because of their specific use. If you have a basement or cellar with an angled exterior entrance, the bulkhead door should be replaced when it begins to show signs of wear and tear or structural problems. As with other doors, bulkhead doors often come in wood or metal.  

Screen Door 

A white wood screen door

Screen doors are perfect for bridging the divide between outdoors and indoors. While still allowing in fresh air and natural light, the wire screen in a screen door keeps out bugs and other debris. Installing a screen door, also known as a storm door, in addition to an exterior door can also help to protect your exterior door from the elements and lengthen its lifespan. If you live in a home with pets or have frequent visits from squirrels or raccoons, make sure the screen door you purchase is durable and resistant to damage from larger animals.  

Patio French Door 

A set of french doors leading to a backyard with plants

French patio doors are a beautiful and classy choice for any home. With their glass panels, they allow natural light into your home and make your space feel more open. French doors for the patio tend to be larger than other kinds of patio doors, so it is important to measure your space and ensure that you have enough room if you are interested in this type of door. As with other doors, patio French doors come in in-swing and out-swing models to meet your needs.  

Patio Sliding Door 

Glass sliding doors leading outside

Sliding doors for the patio are a convenient choice with many of the same benefits as French or screen doors. Unlike French doors, sliding glass doors are great for small spaces. Large glass panels also allow plenty of light into your home. However, with that light comes a need to clean the doors more frequently. Sliding doors are a great choice if you live in an area that experiences windy weather, as sliding doors are less likely to be blown shut by a strong gust of wind.  


Bifold Door

White closet door

Bifold doors feature multiple panels that fold together to open, like an accordion. This kind of door is commonly used for closets, but they are also a good choice for an interior door in your home. One factor to keep in mind while considering bifold doors is that they require a relatively large amount of space. The unique mechanism on bifold doors requires a knowledgeable professional to install, so this isn’t the best door for DIY projects. Once they are installed, though, they tend to be low maintenance. 

French Door

Glass doors leading from a kitchen to a sitting room

Similar to French Patio doors, interior French doors include glass panels. Interior French doors are a great way to make your space feel bigger and more open. Just as with the exterior version, these doors require a good amount of space to install. As an added benefit to property owners, French doors have been shown to increase a property’s resale value. To maximize your return on investment, buy affordable secondhand French doors at EcoBuilding Bargains. 

Sliding Door/Pocket Door

White glass sliding door

Sliding doors or pocket doors are a popular choice for today’s homeowners. Both of these types of doors slide to open and close. Pocket doors slide into a compartment, which offers a stylish alternative to a traditional sliding door. Whichever you choose, both sliding and pocket doors are great choices for interiors. 

Standard Door

Two white standard doors

The standard interior door is 80 inches tall and 32 inches wide. Standard doors are simple, classy, and a great choice for any home. Easy to install, these doors are perfect for DIY home renovators. They are also easily found in any reuse store or home goods store. Make sure to choose a high-quality standard door that will last your familly for years to come.  

Do you want to save money and reduce your environmental impact when renovating your home? Choose reused doors from EcoBuilding Bargains! As the largest reuse store in New England, EcoBuilding Bargains has a huge selection of great quality new and reused doors at affordable prices. Shop online or visit our store in person in Springfield, Massachusetts. Our store staff will help you find the perfect doors for your project. 

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