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Upcycle an Old Sink or Tub Into a Garden Planter

Upcycle an Old Sink or Tub Into a Garden Planter

Want an easy DIY project for spring? Upcycle an old sink or tub into a fun, unique planter for your garden. 

Why Make a Sink Planter?

A white sink in the middle of a kitchen

Spring is here, and that means it’s the perfect time of year for a sustainable garden DIY. Old sinks are abundant and affordable at reuse stores, and they make the perfect addition to your garden. With minimal effort, your old sink can become a fun, unique new planter for your garden or backyard. Sinks make great planters because they have a built-in hole for drainage. Read on to learn how to upcycle your old sink! 

Supplies You Will Need

Clawfoot Tub

  • An old sink: A porcelain bathroom sink or clawfoot tub would work best for this project. Shop EcoBuilding Bargains for a huge selection of new and used sinks in great condition. At our store, you can find a clawfoot tub for $129. If you can't find an item on our website, we may have it in store. 

Potting soil

  • Potting soil: Filling the sink with potting soil will turn an old bathroom item into a useful new planter. Make sure to choose a potting soil with a high level of drainage. If you want to sustainably and naturally fertilize your plants, check out CET’s composting tips. Want to start composting at home? Buy a composter from a reuse store like EcoBuilding Bargains.

A wire mesh fence

  • Wire mesh: In order to prevent the sink’s drain from being clogged with soil, you should put wire mesh over the drain. Making sure the drain is not clogged is very important to prevent root rot from harming your plants. 
A light skinned woman planting a pink flower into a yellow flower pot outdoors 
  • Flowers or other plants: Colorful flowers are a perfect contrast to a white sink planter. Or, turn your old sink into an herb garden. Pothos, snake plant, and other common house plants will also do well in a planter and need minimal drainage. Choose whatever plant you want for your planter!
A tan hand painting an intricate pattern onto a large plate
  • (Optional) Paint and paintbrushes: If you want to liven up your planter and make it more decorative, you can paint the outer edges of the sink.

DIY Instructions for Upcycled Sink Planter 

STEP ONE: If needed, clean your reused sink.  

STEP TWO (Optional): Paint your sink and wait for the paint to dry. 

STEP THREE: Place your sink in your garden.  

STEP FOUR: Place the wire mesh over the drainage hole.  

STEP FIVE: Fill your sink with potting soil.  

STEP SIX: Plant your flowers or other plants. 

STEP SEVEN (Optional): If you want to add a whimsical touch to your new sink planter, you can fill it with old dishes or utensils, such as in these examples.  

An old bathtub is also perfect for upcycling into a planter using the same steps listed above!

Giving secondhand sinks, appliances, and other materials a second life is a great way to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. For more information and advice about having a more sustainable home, read this article


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