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Save money on disposal costs, get a tax deduction, or free up storage space


“When we mis-order or have a change order on building materials, It doesn’t make sense to try to sell them, and we don’t want to throw them away. Instead, CET makes it easy for us to donate them, and it feels good to know that somebody is benefitting from our donation.”

Chris Nelson
Nelson Construction CT

"We often have projects where existing building products are scheduled to be removed for replacement. We are so grateful that because of CET, these items do not wind up in a dumpster or a landfill, but rather, they get repurposed and used in other construction projects. We are happy to recommend CET to others."

Chris Shea
Domus Constructors

Pick-Up Service

We can come to your home, job site or business to pick up larger volumes of materials.

Pick-ups are available Tuesday through Friday. Two weeks notice is needed for scheduling purposes.

Call (413) 788-6900 to schedule an appointment or use our online donation form (below).

All material must meet our Accepted Materials policy. All materials must be located outside or in the garage for pick up. Please make sure all materials are protected from the weather