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Transforming Homes: One Cabinet at a Time.

Are you a builder or homeowner with a heart for making a difference? Imagine the impact you can create by giving back through our Kitchen Cabinet Donation Program. Join hands with us to bring new life to homes. Your expertise combined with our purpose can reshape communities.

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Why Donate Kitchen Cabinets or building materials with Us?

🔨 Empower Your Generosity: Your surplus kitchen cabinets can find a new purpose and a grateful home. By donating with us, you're empowering families to get access to affordable materials.

🏠 Save in dumping Cost: Your cabinets will transform kitchens that have seen better days. Be a part of renewing spaces where families create memories.

💬 Build Your Reputation: Showcase your commitment on social responsibility. Show potential clients that you're not just building structures, but also uplifting lives.

🌟 Tax Benefits: Receive a tax receipt for your donations, putting more resources back into your business.

What Sets Us Apart?

✅ Tailored Pick-up Service: We understand your busy schedule. Our seamless pick-up service ensures your donation journey is effortless.

✅ Recognition: Receive exposure on our website, and social media shout-outs for your invaluable contribution (we are kind of popular).

✅ Transparency: You'll receive a detailed receipt on the impact of your donation, giving you a clear picture of the lives you're touching.

Donate Now

How It Works?

1. Reach Out:

Fill out our simple form to express your interest in donating.

2. Pick-up Schedule: 

We'll coordinate a convenient time for our team to collect the cabinets from your site.

3. Transformation:

Your surplus gets to other family kitchen.

4. Recognition

We celebrate your kindness on our social media.

Other Builders Opinion

When we mis-order or have a change order on building materials, It doesn’t make sense for us to try to sell them, and we don’t want to throw them away. Instead, EBB makes it easy for us
to donate them, and it feels good to know that somebody is benefitting from our donation

Chris Nelson, Nelson Construction CT

As a custom home remodeler in Fairfield County, we often have
projects where existing building products, such as windows and doors, cabinets, countertops or appliances, are
scheduled to be removed for replacement. We are so grateful that because of EBB, these items do not wind up in a dumpster or a landfill, but rather, they get repurposed and used in other construction projects. Our clients also receive a contribution certificate.

Chris Shea, Domus Constructors

“It has been a great partnership to work with Freya and EBB. Reducing waste from my remodeling projects is
important to me. I like to inform my clients about a ‘greener’
option to dispose of their building materials, If they are in great condition and can have a
second life in someone else’s home. My clients are also happy when they receive an
itemized receipt for their donation, which they have used as a tax deduction.
EBB’s free donation pickup service is seamless. This has also saved me money on disposal costs.

Ziggy Turczyn, Innovative Custom Builders LLC

The Impact of Your Donations

Kitchen Cabinet

Donated by Domus Constructors. Kitchen diverted out of landfills 🌍.

Large Double Pane Window

Donated by Hawthorne Design and Development. Set of windows diverted out of landfills🌍

Cabinets with Granite

Donated by Styve Pamphile. Cabinet set diverted out of landfills 🌍.

Set Of Doors

Donated by Max Hebert. Set of Doors diverted out of landfills 🌍.

Join Us in Crafting Change

Your cabinets have stories to tell, and together, we can help rewrite the narratives of struggling families.

Donate Now