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U929 Handed Retractable Shower Bench

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Experience the ultimate convenience and comfort in the shower with our U929 Handed Retractable Shower Bench! Easily install this retractable bench in your shower for added support and relaxation. Say goodbye to uncomfortable shower chairs and hello to a more enjoyable shower experience. Invest in your comfort today!


  • from product info sheet; 
  • Seat: Fabricated of 3/4” thick, one piece polymers (white) with all leading edges having a radius to prevent injury.
  • Seat is secured to frame with carriage bolts and acorn nuts. Seat is reversible and handing is not required
  • Tubing: Fabricated of #18 ga stainless steel with #4 satin finish.
  • Main Frame: 1 1/4” diameter square tubing with capped ends.
  • Flanges: #18 gauge stainless steel with exposed mounting points. U
  • nder slung supports have a 11/4” OD Supports: #18 ga stainless steel 1 1/4” dia diagonal stainless steel support guides for raising and lowering of seat.
  • Mounting Bracket: #18 gauge stainless steel “hat” style bracket with four (4) mounting points. Bracket acts as a guide for raising and lowering of seat. For maximum support, bracket is mounted resting on fl oor absorbing load transfer.
  • Seat will remain in an upright position when not in use by means of a spring clip.
  • Seat has been tested to maintain a 500 lb static load. Overall Size: 32”W x 20 3/4”’D (seating area) 813mm x 514mm *Wall to floor mounting design provides equal distribution of weight to ensure safe operation.

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