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Donate Materials to EcoBuilding Bargains

Donate Materials to EcoBuilding Bargains

Are you a homeowner or contractor completing a construction project? Donate materials to EcoBuilding Bargains! 


The EcoBuilding Bargains truck which accepts donation

How does donation work at EcoBuilding Bargains? 

EcoBuilding Bargains is the largest reuse store in New England. We accept donations throughout the Northeast Corridor. To coordinate a donation, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. One of our Material Recovery & Donations Consultants will meet with you and assess whether EcoBuilding Bargains can accept the materials you have. If we can accept your materials, then our staff will drive our truck to your site and pick up the materials at no cost to you. You will get to write off the cost those materials as a charitable donation on your taxes and save them from being wasted. It’s a win-win!  


Deconstructed wood for donation

What materials are accepted for donation? 

Materials for donation must meet EcoBuilding Bargains’ standards and inventory needs. Here is a list of materials we can accept:  


Accepted: Cabinets – wood or metal (not particle board/MDF), Countertops – Natural stone, butcher block, engineered stone, concrete (laminate not accepted), Sinks, Faucets – not manufactured before 1996, Working appliances (less than 7 years old unless pre-approved by management 

NOT Accepted: Damaged or moldy cabinets (including cabinets missing hinges), Housewares, Small kitchen appliances (including countertop microwaves & damaged appliances) 


Accepted: Vanities – wood or metal (not particle board/MDF), Sinks (undamaged & in working order), Faucets – not manufactured before 1996, Tubs – fiberglass or clawfoot only, Unused shower enclosures – new fiberglass or glass only, Functioning & undamaged toilets, low-flow only – 1.6 gallons per flush, Tiles in lots of 10 sq ft or more of the same tile/design 

NOT Accepted: Single tiles, Apron style cast iron tubs 


Accepted: Wood, vinyl (never installed), fiberglass– double-paned with complete frame (residential only), Vintage/architectural – single-paned, Stained glass/leaded glass, Aluminum storm windows with all pieces including frames 

NOT Accepted: Windows with broken or cracked panes, or with broken seals, Window treatments – blinds, curtains, etc., Vinyl shutters – unless in unopened box, Aluminum screens or screens without windows in the frame 


Accepted: Interior doors, solid core – residential only, Exterior doors & fire-rated doors – residential only, French doors – interior & exterior, Framed storm doors & sliding doors (no loose/damaged doors or missing parts), Locksets, knobs, hinges 

NOT Accepted: Commercial doors, Wood garage doors, Flush hollow core 


All furniture is accepted based on the discretion of management.  

Accepted: Bookcases, hutches, kitchen or dining room sets & chairs/stools, dressers, cabinets, desks, Upholstered furniture – new or very lightly used & high quality 

NOT Accepted: Bedroom furniture sets, nor any bed-related materials, including wardrobes, nightstands, California closets, etc., Laminate furniture, Entertainment systems, Vases, art, baskets, household décor etc. 


Accepted: Hardwood, laminate, bamboo, Unused ceramic/vinyl tiles 

NOT Accepted: Used carpet/rugs, used tile or laminate flooring, Vinyl & linoleum manufactured before 1980 (contains asbestos), 8×8 linoleum tiles (contains asbestos) 


Accepted: De-nailed lumber/wood – minimum 6’ long unless unique species or vintage, Unpainted or unstained molding – minimum 6’ (pre-primed is ok), Plywood – 4×4, 4×8 or 4×12 sheets only, Sheetrock & rigid foam insulation – 4×8 or 4×12 sheets only (no evidence of rodents or mold), Bricks, cement blocks, granite, & stone – full pieces only, no remnants, Full, clearly labeled boxes of hardware, Hand tools and non-gas power tools in working order (with tool battery but not single-use batteries) 

NOT Accepted: Pressure-treated lumber pre-2005 (has green tinge-contains CCA), Chemicals of any kind, Commercial building materials, Fiberglass roofing – unless fully packaged with no damage, Vinyl siding, Plumbing components, Spray foam insulation, Paint, stains, or adhesives, Ladders or scaffolding, Jars or buckets of loose nails & screws, Collated nails for nail guns 


Accepted: Undamaged, functioning light fixtures/Lamps, Electrical hardware & accessories –residential only 

NOT Accepted: Recessed lights, Commercial lights, Electronics – TVs, radios, stereos, DVD players, VCRs, computers, computer accessories, etc., Incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent lamps/fixtures, Non-functioning fixtures – unless vintage/antique, Ceiling fans 

Clothes, toys, fire extinguishers, automotive materials, exercise equipment, & sports equipment are not accepted. HVAC equipment may be accepted new & pre-approved by management 

Find this list in PDF format here.  

Two men loading deconstruction donations into a truck

Why donate materials?  

According to the EPA, hundreds of millions of tons of construction waste is generated every year. Deconstruction prevents quality, perfectly usable materials from being wasted and instead gives them a second life. By choosing donation over disposal, you are helping to conserve landfill space, reduce the demand for virgin resources, giving consumers access to affordable materials, and contributing to so many more environmental, social, and economic benefits. Plus, donation can save you money! Donate to EcoBuilding Bargains today! 

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